Viva Sancho Villa

Gameplay Video The Game   Miguel's 5th published game as a programmer, and 1st game as a designer. I joined the team in June 2014, becoming the only programmer in a group of artists and animators who had never worked in a video-game before but wanted to

Night Vigilante

Gameplay Video The Game Miguel's fourth published game in the Game Industry. He joined the "Night Vigilante" team after the game had already been started and they needed more people to finish it. While the core of the game was already done, they needed help

Twisted Lands: Origin

The Game This was Miguel's third project for the Game Industry and second one for Alawar Stargaze. In this prequel of the highly successful "Twisted Lands: Shadow Town" and "Twisted Lands: Insomniac", the player takes the role of a Detective trying to find the missing

Snark Busters: High Society

The Game Description This was Miguel's second project for the Game Industry, and the first one for Alawar Stargaze. Snark Busters: High Society is a steam punk Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game, the third one in the critically acclaimed Snark Busters series. The player controls the

Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse (iPad)

The Game Description This was the first project Miguel worked on for the Game Industry. Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse for the iPad is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game by Gogii Games, published by Big Fish Games, filled with puzzles and minigames. The player controls

Cosmic Mischief

The Game Final School Project for Full Sail University. Multiplayer 3rd person arena shooter. Made in C++ with DirectX, Wwise API. About the Project Cosmic Mischief is a game done by a team of 8 programmers and 5 artists as the Final Project for the Bachelor


This was a game demo done in about 2 months by a team consisting of 8 programmers and 4 artists. The objective of this game was go get to the top of the creature. There would be a limited amount of time, since the

3D Pac-Man

This was a solo project done as an AI research. It used the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (glut). This project emulates the AI from the famous game Pac-man. The first part of the project was to do research on how the pac-man AI works: Each ghost

Nothing Is Sacred

The Game About the Project Nothing is Sacred is a 2D platformer game done by Team MJA as a two month project for the Structures of Game Production class. About the Game The main character has been trapped inside an unforgiving video game world. There are hidden

Robocode Bot

This was a solo project done for the school’s Robocode Tournament. It was made in Java using the Robocode API in about a week and a half. It won the two tournaments: 1v1 and team death-match (paired with Joseph Winter’s robot), which then made it


This was a solo project done on OpenGL. This was my first project done in a 3D environment and was done in less than a week. It used shaders for the red colouring and multi-texturing and it features a completely automated and scripted camera

Revenge of Monkey

The Game Revenge of Monkey is a 2D, horizontal shmup done as a solo project. The basic premise is that the colours from the world have been stolen, so the player must destroy the monsters that stole these colours in order to return them


This was one of the first game projects done by Miguel. As an optional project in the Windows Programming II class of Full Sail University, students were asked to do a game in C#. This is a shooting game that only uses the mouse: