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Programmer/Lead Developer/Designer

June 2014 – Present

- Sole programmer for the Viva Sancho Villa game. Done in C# with Unity. Programmed everything, from gameplay mechanics, to physics, to Artificial Intelligence, to User Interface and more.
- Worked as a designer, creating multiple game mechanics and boss fights.
- Lead Developer in a team of artists and animators.

Larva Game Studios

December 2012 – April 2014

- Worked in the Night Vigilante game and on two more unreleased projects, one in UDK and one using Unity
- Worked in different mechanics and learned to use various Unity tools as NGUI, soomla, etc.

Tools and Engine Programmer
Alawar Stargaze (Barnaul, Russia)

January 2012 – July 2012

-Created a Font Builder in QT to replace the old Font Builder. Uses a Photoshop file to build an Atlas with different customizable settings
-Worked in two separate PC game projects (Snark Busters: High Society and Twisted Lands: Origin). Programmed 6 mini-games for the first one and scripted 4 scenes for the second one. Worked with artists, designers and testers.
-Worked in different parts of the HOPA engine, which is used for making Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Games. This engine is sent to different companies who want to make games and publish them through Alawar.

Mobile and Computer Game Programmer
Beast Studios SRL (Timisoara, Romania)

November 2010 – November 2011

- Proficient with programming Gameplay mechanics, collision detection, feature implementation, bug fixing, etc.
- Worked in teams with designers, artists and other programmers.
- Worked in a variety of languages, including C++, Objective C and LUA.
- Effective in adapting to a team of Romanians, being the only foreigner in the company.
- Worked in different platforms, including iPad, iPhone, PC and Xbox 360.


Full Sail University

Bachelor of Science Game Development

GPA: 3.79 (Valedictorian of the Class)
GPS: 101
Attendance: 100%

Winter Park, Florida

2008 – 2010

GAME PROJECTS (Professional)

Viva Sancho Villa (iOS/Android)

-Fifth game as a programmer, first game as designer.

-Sole programmer for the game. Done in C# using Unity, programmer everything from gameplay mechanics to physics to AI to UI, etc

-Led a team of artists and animators that had no experience working in games.

-Designed all the 6 boss fights in the game and numerous gameplay mechanics.

Night Vigilante (iOS/Android)

-Game done in C#, using Unity. Implemented numerous features and worked on bug fixing.

Twisted Lands: Origin (PC)

-Second game project in Alawar Stargaze, third project for the Game Industry.

-Scripted 4 game scenes, using the Stargaze Quest Editor and other internal tools.

-Scripted all the actions in those scenes and their respective mini-scenes by working closely with designers and other programmers and scripters.

Snark Busters: High Society

-Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game for Alawar Entertainment and Big Fish Games.

-Programmed 6 mini-games in C++, using the Stargaze Framework.

-Worked closely with designers, artists and internal testers.

Princess Isabella – A witch’s curse (iPad)

-Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game for Gogii Games and Big Fish Games.

-First professional project for the Game Industry.

-Worked on gameplay programming, bug fixing, and adding different types of features. Some of these included gameplay features or features for outside the game, like creating a separate version of the game (freemium) with an in-game store for upgrading the app, implementing the libraries for Big Fish Games, etc.

-Made in Objective C using an in-house engine from Beast Studios.

#1 in Adventure Games (iPad) on Jun 30, 2011
#7 in Top Games (iPad) on May 9, 2011
#8 in Top Apps (iPad) on May 8, 2011

GAME PROJECTS (University)

Cosmic Mischief – Multiplayer Third Person Shooter

-Third person shooter game made by 8 programmers and 3 artists over the course of 3 and 1/2 months.

-Physics programmer: implemented 3D collisions using moving spheres and rays against a collision mesh, partitioned this mesh with a spherical BVH, and implemented the rest of the game physics and spherical geometry functions using Vectors, Matrices and Quaternions.

-Made in C++ using DirectX and Wwise sound API.

Speckt (Demo) – 3D platformer

-3D platformer game demo done by 8 programmers and 4 artists in 2 months

-Created collisions using moving sphere to triangle, implemented an AABB BVH, physics and gameplay.

– Made in C++ using DirectX and Wwise sound API

3D Pac-man

-Solo Project done as an AI research. Emulated the pac-man AI and added an A* path finding algorithm for the ghosts.

-Multi-threaded project made in C++ using the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT).

Robocode Bot

-Solo Project done as an optional assignment.

-Made in java using robocode API. Won first place in two school tournaments (single and team death match). Won “best robot” award in the AI class.


-Solo Project done in OpenGL with shaders, multi-textured and scripted first person camera movement in C++.

Nothing Is Sacred – 2D platformer

-2D platformer done by 3 programmers in one month and a half.

-Performed the roles of Lead Programmer and Gameplay programmer by creating the game engine and implementing gameplay and physics. Made in C++ using DirectX.

Revenge of Monkey – Horizontal Shooter

-Solo Project. Created all assets, built an engine from scratch and was voted one of the top 3 games of the class.

-Made in C++ using DirectX.

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X86 Assembly



Linear Algebra



3D Collisions

Native level Spanish and English speaker

Intermediate level Romanian/Moldavian and Russian speaker

Basic level French and German speaker


Visual C++/C#


Alienbrain Source-Control

Tortoise SVN




QT Creator

MS Office


Making Music, visiting museums, learning languages


Member of Mensa International, the High IQ Society.

Member of the International High IQ Society.

Full Sail Valedictorian Award (highest GPA in the class)

Full Sail Perfect Attendance Award

Full Sail Course Director Award for Programming I

Full Sail Course Director Award for Windows Programming II